Micros 3700Micros 3700

MICROS RES 4.0 offers fully integrated point-of-sale with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. For owners of multiple restaurant locations RES 4.0 offers enterprise management. RES 4.0 provides end-to-end communications throughout your operation to increase efficiency, speed service, and ultimately provide a better guest experience for your customers. When security, data integrity, easy software deployment, and real-time business intelligence top your list of requirements, RES 4.0 is your solution.



Micros 9700Micros 9700

MICROS 9700 HMS is the most widely used point-of-sale solution in the leisure and entertainment marketplace. 9700 HMS product suite is technology independent, running on MS SQL, Oracle, Multiple Windows platforms, and Linux. All 9700 HMS modules are web-delivered and enterprise enabled, making them easy to use while reducing total cost of ownership. 9700 HMS has proven installations ranging from small, specialized operations to large enterprise configurations spanning multiple properties in large geographic areas. Whether you operate one restaurant or hundreds, 9700 HMS has the functionality to meet your needs.


Micros e7Micros e7


Micros e7 MICROS e7 Series Point of Sale (POS) system combines the reputation and reliability of MICROS hospitality technology with a price suitable for table service and quick service restaurants, delis, sandwich shops, nightclub/bar establishments, and more. MICROS e7 combines an all-in-one MICROS Workstation 4 (WS4 LX) with a powerful embedded software application based on the Microsoft Windows® CE .NET operating system.




MobileBytes POS


Take your business to the next level with an affordable and scalable iPad point of sale. MobileBytes Restaurant Technology suite allows table service and counter service restaurants to manage operations and increase sales through powerful, easy to use, cloud-hosted services. Each POS System is custom configured to the needs of the individual restaurant.





JTECH Paging System


JTECH is the leading supplier of hospitality wireless communications systems, with solutions including silent server paging, guest paging and manager/staff paging. JTECH systems enhance profitability and create efficiencies by streamlining business communications within the restaurant, club, hotel or other hospitality environment.



Remote Eyes

Using Remote Eyes Advanced POS/ATM Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your POS, ATM, or access control system is easier, more reliable, and cost effective. Remote Eyes uses Internet Protocol (IP) network technology to leapfrog the serial data integration products commonly used in the industry.





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