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MICROS RES 4.0 offers fully integrated point-of-sale with tools for the back-office, restaurant operations, and guest services. For owners of multiple restaurant locations RES 4.0 offers enterprise management. RES 4.0 provides end-to-end communications throughout your operation to increase efficiency, speed service, and ultimately provide a better guest experience for your customers. When security, data integrity, easy software deployment, and real-time business intelligence top your list of requirements, RES 4.0 is your solution.

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Kitchen Display

The MICROS Kitchen Display System is an intuitive graphical software application designed to increase efficiency and improve guest service through better kitchen coordination. The Kitchen Display System, (KDS) displays food orders to the “Speed of Service”, provides feedback about the status of each table, and captures service times for management reporting.

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Alert Manager

MICROS Alert Manager allows operations to manage by exception. The system monitors conditions and compares them to established standards. Exceptions are immediately identified and a notice or alert is sent to the pager, PDA, cell phone, or email of those who need to know.

The MICROS Alert Manager provides exciting new integration with the RES products and the on premise paging and communications solutions made available by JTECH, a MICROS subsidiary.

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Digital Menu Board

One of the latest tools to emerge in the quick-service market is the digital menu board. A fully integrated feature of the RES point-of-sale (POS) system, this novel technology displays menus while simultaneously drawing customers’ attention to other information, like current store promotions. While the quick-service market becomes increasingly aware of the benefits of digital versus traditional menu boards, restaurant owners seek a solid solution that will improve operations and boost customer experience. Typically sold as an added module or an interfaced product, MICROS includes the Digital Menu Board functionality as a core feature in RES. So when you’re ready to deploy this innovative technology for your business, MICROS is ready with RES Digital Menu Board Integration.

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Labor Management

Labor Management is an integrated human resources application designed to support the recurrent, high-maintenance requirements of employee data management. Its comprehensive modules help control your restaurant’s labor resources to minimize labor cost and maximize productivity.

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Table Management

RES Table Management is simple, easy-to-use software that seamlessly integrates customer preferences, seating capacity, and available staff, while effortlessly managing the customer’s dining experience. Capturing time-sensitive guest demands, RES Table Management puts you in complete control from the moment the guest is greeted until the next diner is seated.

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Product Management

Product Management is a comprehensive application designed to streamline a restaurant’s day-to-day business processes for ordering, receiving and inventory. Using a unified database, Product Management (PM) maintains real-time information on inventory levels, recipe ingredients and costs, competitive bids, as well as actual versus theoretical reports.

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Enterprise Management

Enterprise Management (EM) supports the requirement for chain operations to manage and control store level databases for both POS and back office applications. It provides the ability for a chain’s corporate office to enforce menu and pricing consistency as well as respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the local restaurant market.

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